Pro-rata calculations upon termination - Are days owed to company or employee?

If a member of staff leaves your employment you can terminate the employee but still store their data. To do this firstly go to the staff members profile, then click on the Cog next to the member of staff who has left the company and you will see a dropdown with End employment.

When you click on End employment you will see a dialog box where you can complete details about the staff member's reasons for leaving the company and the employment end date.  You will see that there is a link in this dialog box to Setup your employment end date reminders. If you click on this link it takes you to your Reminders tab in your Company Settings, where you can choose to set email reminders about upcoming employment endings.  

Another dialog box will then pop up asking to choose an option that best describes that employee's current working pattern.

A new dialog box will then pop up showing you the amount of holiday allowance owed to the employee. You can change values in the text boxes or alternatively update the total time owed before saving. Then click on End employment


If you tick the box highlighted above, the system will add an adjustment to the employees holiday entitlement, and their remaining allowance will reflect the amount owed to them. If you do not tick this, then these values will only be viewable on the Holidays tab in their profile. 

Please note that these figures are only a recommendation and you are able to edit the figures in the boxes.

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