How do I give my feedback?

Depending on the frequency of your company's survey (this will have been set up by an account admin), you will receive an email asking you to provide some feedback. 

This email explains that the survey is completely anonymous, so please give your answer honestly. 

Click on the submit your score now link: 

This will take you to a new browser window:

You will be asked 'on a scale of zero to ten, how likely is it you would recommend <company name> as a place to work?'

Select your answer.

Don't worry if you click the wrong number - you can use the click here link to go back and resubmit your answer. 

Once you have given your feedback, you can return to Staff Squared by clicking the link provided

At the end of the survey (this runs for 5 days), your feedback will be accumulated with that of the other respondents to generate an eNPS® score for your employers to review. 

If you would like to learn more about eNPS, why not head over to our blog for further information?

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