How do I Export Staff Data?

Exporting Staff Data from Employee Profiles

Navigate to an employee's profile and select from one of the following tabs: 

  • Holiday
  • Sick
  • Lateness
  • Expenses
At the top of each tab, you will find an export button. Click this to export all holiday, sick, lateness or expense data for that employee. An Excel download will be available in the bottom left of your screen.

Exporting Company Expense Data

Navigate to the Expenses tab in the navigation bar at the left of your screen. 

Click export expenses in the top right of the page to download an excel document containing expense data for all users in the account. 

Exporting Reports from Staff Squared

Navigate to the Reports tab in the navigation bar at the left of your screen.

Click on the export icon to the left of each report name. 

To run a subject access report, click on the report title and follow the steps shown on the next page. An email will be sent to the user requesting the report within 24 hours. 


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