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How do I add Holiday Allowance Adjustments?

To begin adding an adjustment to an employee's holiday allowance, navigate to the employee's profile and click Edit next to Adjustments within the Holiday info window.

This will prompt a new dialog box to open.

Here you can see a list of all adjustments already added to the employee, both manually and automatically by the system.

You can add a new manual adjustment by completing the Duration (days) field, and entering a Reason if required.

Tip: You can add a deduction by including a '-' before the number of days. e.g. To deduct 1 day from this year's allowance, enter -1 to the Duration field.

Apply immediately will be ticked by default. This means that the adjustment will be immediately added to the employee's allowance and used in any pro-rata calculations. If this is unchecked, the adjustment would have to be accrued in the same way as their regular absence.

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