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  1. Absence Overview

  2. Admin: Can I Share my Files with a Third Party?

  3. Are There Any Hidden Charges?

  4. Can I Add Absences without Entering a Holiday or Sickness?

  5. Can I Approve and Pay Expense Claims in Bulk?

  6. Can I Archive a Working Pattern?

  7. Can I Bulk Move Files?

  8. Can I Bulk Share Files?

  9. Can I Bypass Two-Factor Login While it's Enabled?

  10. Can I Change my Email Address?

  11. Can I Change my Email Address?

  12. Can I Change my Password?

  13. Can I Change whether a Custom Absence Type Deducts from Holiday Allowance Once it has been Created?

  14. Can I Choose whether a Custom Absence Type Deducts from Holiday Allowance?

  15. Can I Choose whether Bank Holidays Deduct from Holiday Allowance?

  16. Can I Delete a Working Pattern?

  17. Can I Disable Emails Being Sent from Staff Squared?

  18. Can I Disable Features that I don't use?

  19. Can I Duplicate an Existing Job Vacancy?

  20. Can I Edit a Candidate's Name?

  21. Can I Edit a Job Vacancy?

  22. Can I Edit a Working Pattern?

  23. Can I Edit Candidate Visibility?

  24. Can I Edit Someone's Holiday Allowance?

  25. Can I Extend my Trial Period?

  26. Can I Import Timesheets?

  27. Can I Link Candidates to Job Vacancies?

  28. Can I Link my Staff Squared Calendar to another Calendar Outside of the System?

  29. Can I Make Two-Factor Authentication Mandatory for all Staff?

  30. Can I Manage the Way my Staff are Listed in the System?

  31. Can I Recover a File Once it's Been Deleted?

  32. Can I Remove Candidates from a Job Vacancy?

  33. Can I Remove the Restriction on Private Company Events?

  34. Can I Rename a File Once it's Been Uploaded?

  35. Can I Restrict who can see a Company Event in the Calendar?

  36. Can I Schedule a Change in Working Pattern for a Future Date?

  37. Can I See Who Has Applied for Each Job?

  38. Can I Send a Reset Password Email to a Staff Member?

  39. Can I send Email Invites at a Later Date?

  40. Can I Send New Starters an Invitation Email Automatically when I Add them?

  41. Can I Send Notifications to Staff for New Company Events?

  42. Can I Send Reminders to my Staff to Fill in their Timesheets?

  43. Can I Send Timesheet Reminders to my Staff?

  44. Can I set Non-Admin/Managers to Approve Holiday Requests?

  45. Can I Set Non-Admins/Managers to Approve Sickness Requests?

  46. Can I Set Recurring Company Events?

  47. Can I Set Reminders for Important Events and Deadlines?

  48. Can I Set Shift Patterns?

  49. Can I set up Multiple Offices?

  50. Can I Sort Company Links into Categories?

  51. Can I Sort my Files into Folders?

  52. Can I Submit Suggestions for Future Development?

  53. Can I Un-Archive Old Projects and Clients?

  54. Can I Vote for Other People's Suggestions?

  55. Can Staff Book Set Hours Rather than Full or Half Days?

  56. Can Staff Import Their Own Timesheets?

  57. Can Staff See Bank Holidays in the Calendar?

  58. Can Staff See Each Other's Working Patterns?

  59. How are Company Links Set?

  60. How can I Remove Partner Access from my Company?

  61. How can I Report on Companies Added to my Partner Account?

  62. How can I View who has Read a File?

  63. How do I Activate an Inactive Job?

  64. How do I Add a Debit or Credit Card to my Account?

  65. How do I Add a File to a Staff Member's Profile?

  66. How do I Add a New Company File?

  67. How do I Add a New Company Link?

  68. How do I Add a New Job Vacancy?

  69. How do I Add Bank Holidays to my Calendar?

  70. How do I add Holiday Allowance Adjustments?

  71. How do I Add New Staff Members Using Add and Onboard?

  72. How do I Add New Staff Members Using Quick Add?

  73. How do I Add New Staff Members Using Staff Import?

  74. How do I Add Projects and Clients?

  75. How do I add Staff Squared as a Shortcut on my desktop? (Windows and Mac)

  76. How do I Add Time on my Timesheet?

  77. How do I Approve or Reject an Expense Claim?

  78. How do I Archive Old Projects and Clients?

  79. How do I Assign a Working Pattern to a Staff Member?

  80. How Do I Assign my Staff to an Office?

  81. How do I Book a Custom Absence?

  82. How do I Calculate Holiday Pro-rata for New Starters?

  83. How do I Calculate What is Owed to a Staff Member or the Company when they Leave?

  84. How Do I Change my Billing Email Address?

  85. How Do I Change the Billing Address on my Invoices?

  86. How do I Create a Company Event?

  87. How do I Create a New Working Pattern?

  88. How do I Delete a Bank Holiday?

  89. How do I Delete a Company File?

  90. How do I Delete a Custom Absence Type?

  91. How do I Delete a File from a Staff Member's Profile?

  92. How do I Disable Two-Factor Authentication?

  93. How do I Duplicate an Expense Claim?

  94. How do I Edit a Recurring Event?

  95. How do I Edit an Existing Client or Project?

  96. How do I Edit or Delete a Holiday Approver?

  97. How Do I Enable Two-Factor Authentication?

  98. How do I End a Staff Member's Employment or set a Contract End Date?

  99. How do I Export Staff Expenses?

  100. How do I Find the Staff Squared Roadmap?

  101. How do I Give Staff Access to Jobs?

  102. How do I make a Staff Member an Admin User?

  103. How do I Manage my File Expiry Date Notifications?

  104. How do I Manage my File Permissions?

  105. How do I Manage Staff Groups?

  106. How do I Prepare my Spreadsheet Import File?

  107. How do I Refer a Friend to Staff Squared?

  108. How do I Remove Admin Permissions?

  109. How do I Request that Staff Read a File?

  110. How do I Resend an Invite Email to Pending Staff?

  111. How do I Send a Company Broadcast?

  112. How do I set a Default Working Pattern?

  113. How do I set Additional Expense Approvers?

  114. How do I Set an Expiry Date to a File?

  115. How do I Set Expense Reminders?

  116. How do I set my Expense Cycle and Currency?

  117. How do I set up a Direct Debit?

  118. How do I Set up a New Custom Absence Type?

  119. How do I set up Expenses?

  120. How do I Set up Holiday Allowance Balance Emails?

  121. How do I set up my Daily 'Who's Out?' Email Reminders and Slack Notifications?

  122. How do I Set up my Week Ahead Email?

  123. How do I set up Reminders for Important Deadlines or Anniversaries?

  124. How do I Set up Two-Factor Authentication?

  125. How do I Share Files with my Staff?

  126. How do I Share Files with Other Users?

  127. How do I Submit an Expense Claim?

  128. How do I Synchronise Staff Squared with Google Calendars?

  129. How do I Synchronise Staff Squared with Microsoft Outlook?

  130. How do I Synchronise Staff Squared with Office 365 Calendars?

  131. How do I Turn Off Customer Referral Emails?

  132. How Do I Upgrade my Trial Account?

  133. How do I Upload a New Candidate?

  134. How do I Upload a Profile Picture?

  135. How do I Upload my Company Logo?

  136. How do I Upload my Company Logo?

  137. How do I View Candidate CVs?

  138. How do Timesheets work?

  139. How does the iCal Feed Link work?

  140. How Will I Know if you Implement my Suggestions?

  141. Is it Possible to See When a Staff Member Last Logged in?

  142. What are Admins able to see and do in Staff Squared?

  143. What are Company Links?

  144. What are Customer Referrals?

  145. What are Managers able to see and do in Staff Squared?

  146. What Browsers does Staff Squared Support?

  147. What Can I do from my Taskbar?

  148. What Can I See in my Trial Account?

  149. What Can I see on my Dashboard?

  150. What Can my Staff See on our Company Profile?

  151. What can Staff Members see and do in Staff Squared?

  152. What Happens if I Forget my Password?

  153. What Happens if I Get Locked Out of my Account?

  154. What Happens if I Update the Holiday Allowance and Carryover Limit in a Working Pattern?

  155. What Happens when I Submit an Expense if I have Multiple Offices?

  156. What Happens When my Trial Expires?

  157. What Information can I Report on in Staff Squared?

  158. What Information can I see in the 'Who's Out?' Widget?

  159. What Information is Shown in 'Your Holiday Info'?

  160. What is Jobs?

  161. What is the Staff Squared Roadmap?

  162. What Notifications will Appear on my Activity Feed?

  163. What Notifictions will Appear on my To-Do List?

  164. What Subscription Options are Available?

  165. When Will I Receive my Invoice and How Long do I have to Pay?

  166. Where can I Find my Invoices?

  167. Where can I find the Read Files Report?

  168. Where do I Set my Company's Appraisal Frequency?

  169. Where do I Set my Company's Probation Period?

  170. Who can Create Company Events?

  171. Who can see Staff Wall Posts?

  172. Who Can View and Upload Files to an Employee's Profile?

  173. Who can View Company Links?

  174. Who Has Access to Company Settings?

  175. Will I be Notified if my Staff Change Details on their Profiles?

  176. Will I Have to Re-Enter my Data After my Account Upgrades?

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