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  1. Absence Overview

  2. Absence Overview Report

  3. Add a File to a Staff Member's Profile

  4. Add a File to your Company Files

  5. Add a Salary

  6. Add and Manage Benefits

  7. Add and Manage Bonuses

  8. Add Holiday for a New Staff Member

  9. Add updates to a sickness

  10. Adding Company Events to the Calendar

  11. Adding expense approvers

  12. Adding expense types

  13. Adding Holiday Self Approvers

  14. Adding notes and files to an appraisal

  15. Adding time

  16. Adding your Company logo

  17. Adding your Staff

  18. Admin/Manager: How to record a sickness

  19. Appraisal reminder list

  20. Approving and rejecting expenses

  21. Assign a Manager via a Staff Member's Profile

  22. Assign a Manager via your Organisation Chart

  23. Assign Goals to an Objective

  24. Assigning an Onboarding Checklist to Staff

  25. Benefits Report

  26. Booking holiday if you are an Admin

  27. Booking time off using Other absence types

  28. Bradford Factor

  29. Calendar Filters

  30. Changing a staff member's annual holiday allowance

  31. Company Broadcasts

  32. Company Objectives Report

  33. Complete a Goal

  34. Complete an Objective

  35. Create a new Staff Group

  36. Creating a new Onboarding Checklist

  37. Delete a Staff Member

  38. Delete a Staff Member from a Group

  39. Edit or Delete a Goal

  40. Edit or Delete an Objective

  41. Enabling Timesheets

  42. End a Staff Member's Employment or set a Contract End Date

  43. Expense currencies

  44. Expenses and Multiple Offices

  45. Exporting Data from Staff Squared

  46. Exporting employees

  47. Filter Goals

  48. Filter Holiday and Sickness Periods on Staff Profiles

  49. Filter Objectives

  50. Getting started with timesheets

  51. Goals Report

  52. Group Staff Members into Teams

  53. Group your Company Files into Folders

  54. Help Centre

  55. Hide Staff Squared features you don't use

  56. Holiday adjustments - Does the employee accrue the adjustment, or receive it immediately?

  57. Holiday Allowance and Holiday Limits

  58. Holiday Overview Report

  59. Holiday Report

  60. Holiday stats - an overview

  61. Holiday Summary Report

  62. How Company Objectives and Goals Work Together

  63. How do I add Bank Holidays?

  64. How do I export a report?

  65. How do permissions in Staff Squared work and how do I set them?

  66. How does booking a holiday work?

  67. How does holiday carry over work?

  68. How Goals Work

  69. How Objectives Work

  70. How the iCal link works

  71. How to add a new client to your partner account

  72. How to add Staff Squared as a shortcut to your desktop (on Windows and Mac)

  73. How to allow staff to see each other’s working patterns

  74. How to assign a working pattern

  75. How to create a working pattern

  76. How to create a working pattern

  77. How to create an appraisal

  78. How to delete an appraisal

  79. How to edit a working pattern

  80. How to edit an appraisal

  81. How to edit another person's timesheet

  82. How to import timesheets

  83. How to invite a new client to your partner account

  84. How to make an existing staff member an Admin

  85. How to set a default working pattern

  86. How to turn off approval notification emails

  87. How to turn off the self certification feature

  88. Impersonate an account

  89. Importing staff data from spreadsheets

  90. Information Found in your Company Calendar

  91. Invoices - Where are they Stored?

  92. Job Tab

  93. Lateness Overview Report

  94. Lateness Report

  95. Limit absence

  96. Manage holiday bookings

  97. Manage your File Permissions

  98. Manage your Files Expiry Date Notifications

  99. Manual Holiday Adjustments

  100. Mileage allowance

  101. Multiple Offices

  102. Organisation Chart

  103. Overriding the default options for who manages holiday leave for a person

  104. Overriding the default options for who manages sick leave for a person

  105. Personal Tab

  106. Preparing your spreadsheet import file

  107. Pro-rata calculations for new starters - How they are calculated

  108. Pro-rata calculations upon termination - Are days owed to company or employee?

  109. Probation period end reminder

  110. Profile Page Tabs Overview

  111. Public Tab

  112. Read Files Report

  113. Read Files Report

  114. Record a Lateness

  115. Reinstate a Staff Member

  116. Removing and Granting Partner Access

  117. Report on Goals

  118. Report on Objectives

  119. Reports - Holiday earned (for pro-rata purposes)

  120. Reports in Staff Squared

  121. Request Staff to Read a File

  122. Restricting holiday by company, department or group

  123. Salaries Report

  124. Send email invites at a later date

  125. Set Time Holiday Requests

  126. Set up reminders for important deadlines and anniversaries

  127. Setting up expense reminders

  128. Setting up Expenses

  129. Setup your Daily 'Who's out?' Email Reminders and Slack Notifications

  130. Share files with your staff

  131. Share your Files with a Third Party

  132. Sick Leave and Cost Report

  133. Sick Leave Overview and Bradford Factor Report

  134. Sick Leave Summary Report

  135. Staff Export Report

  136. Staff Member: How does recording sickness work?

  137. Staff Service Overview Report

  138. Staff Tabs: Navigating your Staff Directory

  139. Staff: Complete a Goal

  140. Standard Staff User Permission - What can they see and do in Staff Squared?

  141. Submitting an expense

  142. Synchronise Staff Squared with your existing calendars

  143. Synchronising Microsoft Outlook with Staff Squared

  144. Synchronising Staff Squared calendar with Office 365 calendars

  145. Synchronising the Staff Squared calendar with Google Calendars

  146. Thank your Staff

  147. Thanks Report

  148. The office expense cycle

  149. Time spent by client

  150. Time spent by project

  151. Time spent by staff

  152. Time zones and how they work with the iCal feed

  153. Timesheet day view

  154. Timesheet Reminders

  155. Timesheet week view

  156. Updating Custom absence types

  157. Upload a File to a Staff Member's Wall

  158. Upload a Profile Picture

  159. View who has Read a File

  160. What are Admins able to see and do in Staff Squared?

  161. What are Managers able to see and do in Staff Squared?

  162. What browsers does Staff Squared support?

  163. When a staff member wants to cancel a holiday and add it back on to their allowance, how is this done?

  164. Who can see staff wall postings?

  165. Work anniversaries

  166. Working Pattern Report

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