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Can I Set Non-Admins/Managers to Approve Sickness Requests?

By default, line managers and all admins are able to approve sicknesses for employees, but in some companies this might not be the desired structure. In Staff Squared it's possible to define additional members of staff as sickness approvers even if they're not managers or admins.  

To do this, you'll first need to create a group that includes all the members of staff that you want to be sickness approvers.

Next, navigate to the profile for the member of staff that you want to set holiday approvers for and go to their settings tab.

Scroll down to the section for Staff groups that can manage {staff member}'s sickness.

Here you can select which staff group(s) will be able to approve the staff member's holiday. When you have selected the group/s that need to approve sickness for the employee, a summary of the users who will receive these notifications will appear under the group names. 

NB: Holiday approvers must be set up separately. Find out how to do this here.

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