What are Admins able to see and do in Staff Squared?

An Admin is able to see all of the features in Staff Squared and all of the details of each staff member.  They are able to book holidays, sickness, create appraisals and add goals.

An Admin is able to set objectives for the company and create its organisation chart.  They can view all of the reports, amend the company's settings, add credit/debit cards to the account and set bank holidays.

They are able to add company documents and set deadlines for staff to read those documents. 

They are able to archive and unarchive employees.

Once the company is set up in Staff Squared an Admin is able to go through and add managers to staff and make some of those managers Admins.  Please be aware that when you give your staff member Admin status they are able to see all other staff member's details.

An Admin is also able to amend all of the fields on a staff member's profile.

If you want to give more members of staff Admin rights, here is how to do it


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