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How do I Set up a New Custom Absence Type?

To add a new custom absence type to your account, go to your company settings and open the calendar tab

Scroll to the bottom of the calendar tab where you will find your custom absence types. 

Click add new absence type and a pop-up will appear. Enter the custom absence name and then choose whether the absence will deduct from holiday allowance when booked. You can also choose whether the custom absence name will be displayed in your daily who's out? and week ahead emails

NB: When you choose not to display a custom absence name in your email notifications, any employees booked out for that reason will show as 'custom absence' in these emails. 

You can also set restrictions on the new absence type by entering a max number of consecutive days and max number of instances for the absence. 

When you are ready, hit save and the new absence type will be added to your custom absence types list. 

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