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How do I set up my Daily 'Who's Out?' Email Reminders and Slack Notifications?

Daily 'Who's Out?' emails can be sent to admins, admins and managers or all staff members to show who is out of the office today and tomorrow. 

The events in this email include:
  • Holidays
  • Custom Absences (settings determine whether these are shown by name or simply 'custom absence').
  • Sickness
  • Remote Working
They are sent out every day at a time of your choosing, and can be set up in the Reminders tab of your Company Settings. You can also link these emails to a Slack channel. 

To turn these off, simply untick 'send daily 'Who's Out?' email'.

NB: The notifications can be turned off for the whole company but not individual accounts. Please also be aware that your timezone settings will affect the time this is received. If an individual profile time zone is set differently from the office timezone, staff will receive the notification according to their profile settings.  

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