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Can I Update Employee Data in Bulk?

Updating information on an employee's profile is very simple. 

However, if you have multiple staff records to update, you can do so in bulk using the Staff Import function.

To do this, click on the task bar (+) icon in the top right corner of your screen and select add staff. Then, select import. 

From here, click export your current staff under step 1. A speadsheet will be downloaded containing the data for all active employees.

Open the spreadsheet and delete all of the columns* you don't need to update. 

*You must keep the email address field, otherwise you will not be able to reimport the spreadsheet. You may also find it useful to keep the first name and last name columns to better identify your employees' data. 

Enter the new details for each employee. If any values are to remain the same, you can just leave those fields as they are. Once done, save and close the spreadsheet.

Go back to your Staff Squared window and upload the spreadsheet under step 4 on the same page. Then hit preview import followed by import staff on the next page. Once the import is complete, scroll to the bottom of the page and hit return to staff list

NB: Please note that you cannot use this function to update employees' work emails. 

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