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How do I Assign an Onboarding Checklist to Staff?

To assign an onboarding checklist to a staff member, begin by navigating to your Staff tab.

Next, go to the staff member's profile by clicking on their name.

From here, navigate to the Onboarding tab, located within the Job tab

You can then assign a pre-made checklist to the staff member by clicking Use existing checklist, or simply add tasks to their profile by clicking + Add a new task.

Using an Existing Checklist

Clicking Use an existing checklist will prompt a new dialog box to open.

From here you can select the checklist you wish to use.

Adding a New Task

Clicking + Add a new task will prompt a new dialog box to open.

Here you can add a Task nameDescriptionDue dateAttach files to the task and Assign task to a specific member of staff to complete.

Replacing the Checklist

When you have added a checklist, the Use existing checklist button will change to Replace with another checklist.

Clicking this will generate the dialog where you can choose another checklist to use, and this will replace the one currently in use.

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