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Can I set Non-Admin/Managers to Approve Remote Work Requests?

By default, direct line managers and all admin users receive remote work requests for their staff.

It is possible to define additional members of staff as remote work approvers, even if they are not managers or admins. 

To do so, navigate to your company settings and go to the Remote Work tab.

Once there, be sure to tick the box to allow managers and remote work approvers to see all remote work events in the calendar if you have blocked staff from being able to see other users' remote work events in the calendar.

Turn on allow additional staff and groups to approve remote work requests and click add. This will prompt a new screen to appear which will allow you to add remote work request approvers.

From the Remote work requests for drop-down field, select the name of the user who you would like to assign a remote work approver(s) to. Then, click into the text field to the left of the window (this will say 'start typing to find staff and groups). A list of staff and staff groups will appear. Scroll through to select the user(s) who you would like to assign as remote work request approver(s). Alternatively, use the search bar to type the name or group you are looking for.

Once you have chosen all users required, click save. You will be taken back to the main screen where a notification confirming approvers updated successfully will appear at the top of the screen. You will notice that the new approver group will appear.

The individuals and user/s in the group/s will then receive all remote work requests for that person moving forward.

NB: You can assign an employee as a remote work self approver to allow them to approve their own remote work events. To do this, simply assign them in both 'remote work requests for' drop down and under who you would like to assign a remote approver to.

NB: You do not need to include admins or the employee's line manager/s when setting up remote work approvers. This settings exists in addition to the default remote approval settings.  

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