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What Notifictions will Appear on my To-Do List?

The to-do list shows any notifications that require your attention and action. 

Standard staff users will only see notifications that relate to themselves, managers will also see notifications relating to the staff they manage, and admin users will receive notifications relating to all users. 

Some examples of these notifications include: 
  • Confirm you have returned to work after sickness.
  • Complete a self-certification form after returning to work after sickness.
  • Confirm that a fit for work note has been provided to your employer after sickness.
  • Confirm that you have read a file that needs reading.
  • View a company event you have been invited to.  
  • Process a holiday, sickness, custom absence or remote working request. 
  • Process an expense claim. 
  • Extend or end a user's probation.
  • Book an appraisal for another user. 
  • Review a file expiry date. 
  • Review a disciplinary expiry date.

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