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How Do I Send Holiday Requests to my Line Manager as an Admin User?

Admin users can add holiday to the calendar without going through the approval process. This means that any holidays that are submitted by an admin are automatically approved - including any holidays they submit for themselves.

If you have admin permissions but still need to send your own holiday requests to your line manager for approval, you will need to setup a holiday approver for yourself.

To do this:
  • Click the admin cog in the top right corner of your screen and select Company Settings.
  • Go to the Holidays tab.
  • Under the who can approve holiday requests heading, tick the allow managers and holiday approvers to see all holidays in the calendar and toggle the allow additional staff and groups to approve holiday requests on. 
  • Hit the green button in the top right corner of the table that appears.
  • Select the admin user whose holiday needs to be approved from the right hand drop-down menu and then select the holiday approver from the left hand staff selector. (Note that you can also assign staff groups as the holiday approver, and you can also assign multiple users or staff groups to one employee).
  • Hit save.
Once this setting is in place, all future holidays booked by the admin user will be sent to the users assigned as approvers for processing. 

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