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What Information is Shown in 'Your Holiday Info'?

The your holiday info widget on your dashboard shows you a breakdown of your annual holiday allowance. 

  1. This is your annual holiday allowance. 
  2. Any adjustments made to your allowance will be shown here. These can include pro-rata calculations for starting or leaving part-way through the current holiday year or carryover from the previous year, which are added to your allowance automatically. Manual adjustments can also be added by clicking edit. Read more about adding adjustments to holiday allowances here. 
  3. This shows how much holiday you have used (that has been approved by a line manager or admin user). 
  4. This shows how much holiday you have requested that is still pending. 
  5. This shows how much holiday you have left to take by the date shown (this doesn't include any requested holiday that is still pending). 
  6. Use this button to go directly to the booking form in the calendar to request a new holiday booking. 
  7. The date of the end of your current holiday period. Remaining holiday needs to have been taken by this date. If you have a carryover allowance, some holiday may be pulled over to next year's allowance. Read more about holiday carryover here. 
  8. This shows all of the above in a pie chart breakdown.

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