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How do I Create a Company Event?

Company events can be used to enter events such as meetings, training, team building, seminars and charity events. 

These are just a few examples, as company events are completely customisable. This allows you to utilise the calendar to not only record holidays, sickness, custom absence and remote working, but also enter meetings and other appointments relevant to your business. 

To enter a comany event to your calendar, click add new at the top of the page. This will prompt a holiday booking form to appear. From here, select event from the top of the booking form. Then:
  1. Select the staff members you wish to assign to the company event. 
  2. Enter the event title. What you enter here will show up on your calendar.
  3. Enter the start and end date and time.
  4. Add any relevant notes.
  5. If you wish to restrict the event to only be visible to the people invited, tick privte event. Only those employees will be notified of the new event. 
  6. If the event is going to be recurring, you can set it to repeat at a desired frequency. To do this, open the dropdown menu on the booking form and select a default frequency from the list. Alternatively, select custom... - this will expand the booking form, allowing you to set your own parameters for the recurrance. Read more about recurring company events here
  7. If the event is going to be public, you can tick notifify all staff via email about this new event to let them know that you have created it.
  8. Once you are ready, hit create event. It will now be added to your calendar.

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