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Can I Turn Off Request and Response Notifications?

If you receive absence, remote work or expense request or response notifications for any employees but no longer want or need to see these, you can turn them off at any time. 

To do this, navigate to your profile and open the settings tab. Scroll down to your notification settings and toggle off any request or response types you do not want to receive.

If you would still like to receive these notifcations but wish to restrict who you receive them for to just your direct reports, you can do so by ticking the my direct reports only option instead of toggling off the notifcation option.

NB: When you have notifications filtered or turned off, you will no longer receive notifications via email or on your dashboard. You will still be able to open the absence, remote work or expense via your company calendar or expenses tab at any time and, if the absence, remote work or expense has not been processed, you will still be able to approve or reject it. 

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