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How do I Add Bank Holidays to my Calendar?

When a new company account is created, Staff Squared will auto-populate the first three years' bank holidays. After this, it is down to the account administrator to add bank holidays in each year. 

NB: This is an admin-only task.   

To do this, go to your Company Settings and open the Bank Holidays tab. From here, there are three methods of adding bank holidays into the system:

Importing your Country's Bank Holidays
Currently, this can only be done for companies in the UK. 

To do this, click 'import your country's bank holidays' under the Bank Holidays heading. From here, enter 'United Kingdom' into the text field, select the result and click 'add'. 

All bank holidays for that year will then be added to your Bank Holidays tab.

Copying Bank Holidays from the Previous Year
If you wish to add the same bank holidays as in the previous holiday year, you can do so by clicking 'copy bank holidays from previous year?' 

This will pull the same bank holidays over to the new holiday year, looking for the appropriate dates for the current year. 

All bank holidays for that year will then be added to your Bank Holidays tab.  

Adding Individual Bank Holidays
For any companies with offices outside of the UK, they will need to add bank holidays individually. 

To do this, click 'add bank holiday'. From here, enter the bank holiday name and date, then select whether it should be assigned to all countries or just specific ones. This will bring up a country selector which will allow you to assign the bank holiday to your country. If the bank holiday applies to multiple offices across countries, you can add as many as you need. These will list individually for each country you add to it. 

You can also choose whether the bank holiday should deduct from holiday allowance from here. 

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