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Can I Change Who a Task is Assigned to During Onboarding?

When onboarding a new starter, there may be certain tasks that you need to include in their onboarding checklist that require the action of another person. 

Using the onboarding checklist feature, you can assign a checklist to your new starter, whilst assigning specific tasks to another employee e.g. their manager, your health and safety officer or your HR admin.

To do this, first navigate to your Company settings.


Click into the Onboarding tab. 

Once here, you can create a default checklist that you would like to use universally when onboarding a new member of staff. 

NB: If the assignee is going to change per new staff member, be sure not to assign anyone to the task when creating the default checklist.

Editing the Assignee

When it comes to adding your new starter, navigate to your Taskbar and click Add staff.

Use the Add and onboard option to add your new starter. 

Fill in all details as usual, then turn Create onboarding tasks on.

Choose your default checklist from the drop-down box. The tasks you have already set in your company settings will then appear. 

Hovering over each task individually will show an Edit button. 

Clicking this will prompt a new dialog box to appear which allows you to edit the task accordingly. 

If the task should be assigned to the new starter, tick Assign task to the new member of staff.

If the task should be assigned to someone else, tick Assign task to a specific employee and select the desired employee from the drop-down box.

Once you are happy with the settings entered, click Edit task.

When you have completed this, the assignee's name will be shown within the task list.

If needed, at this point you can save the changes as a new template

NB: Don't use this feature if you only want to use the changes made once.

When you have finished editing the tasks, click Save staff member. You can also Save and add another if you have more than one new starter to onboard. 

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