What can Staff Members see and do in Staff Squared?

Standard staff users have very minimal access to the areas in Staff Squared and the functionality that is available to them. There are even some sections that they won't have access to at all. 

Areas that cannot be accessed by staff are:

  • Reports (accessible only to admin users and managers).
  • Company Settings (accessible only to admin users).
  • Account Page (accessible only to admin users).
  • HR Audit on the Profile (accessible only to admin users and managers).
  • Settings on the Profile (accessible only to admin users and managers).

Sections that Staff can Access and what they can see and do there


Staff have access to all areas of the Dashboard, including a to-do listcompany updates, timesheet timers and 'Who's Out?'.

The types of notifications that staff can expect to find on their Dashboard will include:
  • A file requires reading.
  • Complete a self-certification form.
  • Invite to a company event.
  • A goal has been created for you. 
  • A manager/admin has recorded an absence on your behalf. 
  • A manager/admin has approved/rejected your absence.
  • A manager/admin has cancelled your absence. 
  • Wall post notifications.
  • 'Thanks' notifications. 

My Profile 

The areas available to staff on their own profiles are their wall, public, personal and emergency, job and onboarding, holiday, sick, files and more tabs.

All information found under the public and personal and emergency tabs is editable by staff; however, the details listed under their job tab are not, and staff will only be able to see basic information and details of their benefits unless you specifically allow them to see their own salary. This can be done in the permissions section of your company settings.

When a staff member edits any information on their profile, a notification is sent to their manager.

Records of all cancelled and rejected holiday requestsholiday taken this periodupcoming holidays, and pending holiday requests can be viewed under the holiday tab, which staff can export by clicking export holiday. They also have the ability to request holiday here. 

Staff can see a record of their sickness for the current period, export sickness and record sick leave

They can view the documents uploaded to their files tab, but are unable to edit or upload these. 


As with all permission levels, staff can view a full list of employees in the staff directory along with basic contact information for each. They are able to give thanks from here and can navigate to other staff profiles.

Staff are only able to see other users' wall and public tabs. All other information is unavailable to them.


How you manage your company settings will determine what staff can see in the company calendar. You can decide whether staff can see all instances of absences, birthdays, company events and bank holidays.

Staff can request holiday and record sickness in the calendar and can also synchronise the calendar with another iCal feed.


Staff have access to the company expenses page, but they will not be able to see any information here. 

If staff wish to view their own expenses, they will need to navigate to the expenses section of their profile. This can be found under the more tab.


Staff can view a list of company objectives along with their due dates but are unable to open or edit these. 


Staff can view all public and private goals but are unable to see goals marked for contributors and admin only. They cannot access private goals for which they are not a creator or contributor. 

Staff can create a goal for themselves and other staff members, and mark off any tasks relating to themedit tasks and due datesedit gaol detailscomplete and delete goals they have access to. 


Depending on your company settings, staff can upload files to the shared files page. 

They can access all files that are not marked as admin only.


Staff do not have access to the appraisals page. 

If staff wish to view their own appraisal details, they will need to navigate to the appraisals section of their profile. This can be found under the more tab. 

Clients and Projects

Staff have the ability to add new projects and create new clients which they can then record time worked against in their timesheets.

Organisation Chart

Staff can see the company's organisation chart if you have specified this in your company settings.

They cannot edit this. 

Company Profile 

Staff can see your company profile but cannot edit this. 

Other Activites

Depending on your company settings, staff can see other staff members' working patternsview and record their own latenessimport their own timesheets and create company events.

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