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How do I Add a New Job Vacancy?

Navigate to the Jobs tab and click create job. 

Enter the details of the job vacancy. This includes: 

  • Job Title
  • Job Location
  • Job Description/Duties & Responsibilities
  • Job Type
  • Hours of Work
  • Company Benefits
  • Salary
  • Desirable/Required Skills
  • Desirable/Required Qualifications

By default, all users with access to Job will be able to see the new vancancy. If you would like to hide the vacancy from someone (perhaps they are applying internally), remove them from the Job visibility by clicking the x next to their name.

If you have already added the candidate/s that have applied for the vacancy, you can link it to them. Toggle on link with candidates and search their name. 

Click save when done. 

NB: If you have a vacancy coming up but are not ready to start advertising or taking applicants, you can make the vacancy inactive. Just toggle the inactive option before saving and the vancany will appear in the Inactive list. 

Read about how to upload a new candidate here

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