How do I set a Default Working Pattern?

If you need to set a new default working pattern, this is how it is done.

Firstly, click on the Cog icon in the top right-hand corner of your dashboard, and select Company Settings

Then click on the working patterns tab and create a new pattern

Add a title for the new working pattern and then choose the hours per day to be worked and the time allowed for a break.  Then click on Repeat and Staff Squared will automatically complete all the days chosen for that pattern.  Choose whether to display time in days or hours and check that your holiday allocation and holiday carryover are correct.  Then click on create pattern

Your new working pattern will now appear in your list of patterns.  You can now assign your staff to this new working pattern and if you want to make it the new default working pattern click on Make default

You will then be asked whether you want to make this new pattern the default pattern, as all new staff will automatically be assigned to it.  If you are happy with the new pattern click on Make default

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