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How do I Edit or Delete a Goal?

Navigate to your goals tab.  

Choose the goal you wish to edit or delete. You will be taken to the goal page, where you will see all information including tasks and due dates associated with it. From here, click either edit goal details or delete goal depending on what you require to do.

Edit your Goal

Click edit goal details to edit the goals visibility, name, description, company objectives and email reminder frequency. Clicking update will amend any information you change. 

Click edit tasks and due date to edit the task descriptions, their due dates and the final goal due date. You can also add a next task here. 

Delete your Goal 

Click delete goal. A pop-up will appear asking you to confirm that you want to delete the goal.

NB: Please note that once you delete a goal, this cannot be undone. Your goal will be deleted permanently. 

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