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How do I Manage Staff Groups?

Staff groups can be set up to help you better identify factions of your staff at a glance. They are completely customisable, so groups can be given any name and could cover anything from first aiders and fire marshalls to holiday or expense approvers.

To set up your staff groups, navigate to your staff directory.

Adding Staff to a New or Existing Group

Tick the staff you would like to add to the group and then click on the cog icon at the top of the page. Select add to group.

You will have the choice of creating a new group or adding your staff to an existing one if you have already created it beforehand. You will also be able to add other staff members to the group at this stage using the search bar to the left (above the list of staff already selected) if you forgot someone at the first step.

Hit save when you are finished. 

You can then use the show dropdown menu at the top of the page to view all employees in the group. 

Removing Staff from a Group  

To remove a staff member from a group, locate them in the staff list and find the group that you wish to remove them from under their name. Click the small x next to the group name and this will remove them from it. 

Deleting and Editing Groups

To delete or edit a group, click on the cog icon at the top of the staff list and select manage groups. From here, you can delete a group by clicking the dustbin next to the group name (this will remove all staff members assigned to it from the group) or edit a group name by clicking into the text field.

Changes must be saved otherwise anything you do will be lost.

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