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Can I Set Reminders for Important Events and Deadlines?

Notifications will be sent out on any important date or deadline for the following events: 
  • Employment ending
  • Probation ends
  • Work anniversaries
  • Appraisals
  • File expiry
  • Benefits
  • Expenses
However, when it comes to keeping track of these deadlines, you may want to keep any upcoming dates on your radar. You can do this by setting up reminders leading up to the final date. There's no limit to the number of reminders you can set - for example, you could ask Staff Squared to remind you 1 month, 1 week and 1 day before a policy is due to expire. 

To set up these reminders, simply head to the Reminders tab of your Company Settings and scroll down the page until you come to the event you want to set the reminder/s for. 

Once there, click '+ Add Reminder', choose who to send the reminder to and when it should be sent. This can be set a specific number of days, weeks or months before the event. Click 'Add Reminder' once finished. You can then add more if you need, by following the same process. 

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