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How do I Assign a Working Pattern to a Staff Member?

There are two options available to assign a working pattern to a staff member.

If the working pattern has already been set up, head to the employee's profile and open the working patterns tab. If the pattern doesn't exist yet, read about how to set one up here.

Click change working pattern and a new window will appear. Select the working pattern you wish to assign from the new pattern dropdown menu. 

If the pattern change applies from a previous date, select the correct date from the date selector. Otherwise, leave it set to now.

NB: Working patterns cannot be assigned from a date in the future, they can only be backdated. 

Ensure that you back date it if necessary and that you tick the boxes to update any existing half or full day absences that will be affected by this change? and update the selected employee's holiday allowance and carryover to use the values from the new working pattern. This will ensure that any holiday bookings and allocations are accurate. 

Once you have completed this, hit save. 

If you want to assign multiple staff members to a working pattern at once, you can do so by opening the working patterns tab in your company settings. 

Locate the working pattern you with to assign to your staff and click assign staff.

From here, you can add and remove staff members from the working pattern. When you have added your staff, hit save

NB: Existing working patterns for selected employees will not be removed, you must do this manually by clicking on past working patterns and deleting each oneIf your employee has changed their working pattern part way through the year and has already taken holiday using their old working pattern, then do not delete the old pattern as this will affect their holiday allowance.

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