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How do I Add New Staff Members Using Staff Import?

Adding new staff members can only be done by admin users.

To add new staff members using the import option, open your taskbar in the top right of your screen and select 'add staff', then select 'Import'. This method allows you to bulk add staff from a spreadsheet with our simple import wizard.

Once on the import page:
  • Click 'Download Template'.
  • Populate the template with your staff data. Note that as a minimum, you must enter a work email address, first name, last name, office and working pattern for each employee being imported. The office must be Head Office for the purposes of the import. This can be changed once they have been added to your account. The working pattern will need to have already been created and should be entered to the spreadsheet exactly as is in Staff Squared (watch out for sneaky spaces in the working pattern name that might throw the import off).
  • Save the spreadsheet and upload it under step 4 on the import staff page (where you downloaded the template from).
  • Click 'Preview Import'.
  • If there are no issues with your import, the next page will display a green banner at the top of the page. You can then hit 'Import Staff' and let us do the rest. If there are any problems with the import, these will be highlighted. You will need to amend the spreadsheet accordingly and re-upload the spreadsheet to start to import again.
Once the import has been completed, you will be shown a list of all users added to the system. From here, you can go to the Organisation Chart, return to your staff list or view their profiles by clicking 'view'.

If you would like us to complete the staff import for you, simply download and populate the template spreadsheet and send it to us at

Alternatively, you can add staff using our quick add and add and onboard features. 

NB: When adding new staff, ensure that they are given a unique email address. This is used to log in with, so there cannot be more than one account registered to the same email address.

NB: If you pay for your account annually, you will have a staff limit applied to your account. You can find the number of licences available to you under your billable staff count on your Account page. When you reach this limit, you will need to purchase more licences in order to add extra staff. This option will be offered to you when you try to add new staff if you have no licences available. 

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