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How do I Add Time on my Timesheet?

There are three methods that can be used to add time to your timesheet. To start, head to your profile and open the timesheets tab.

Add Time by Day

Adding time by day allows you to enter a start and end time for the hours you are recording, meaning that you will have a more accurate record of the time worked on a project. You will also be able to add a description to the record at the time of entry.

To add time by day, use the day filter above the timesheet (located next to the date). Then, click add time.

A new window will appear. You can then select the project you wish to record the time against, add any notes (if necessary) and enter the start and end time. 

NB: You can leave the end time blank and a timer will begin to run in the background. Read more about timers further down in this article. 

When ready, hit save and the time will be added to your timesheet. 

Add Time by Week

Adding time by week allows you to enter the total duration for the hours you are recording without having to enter a start and end time.

To add time by week, use the week filter above the timesheet (located next to the date). 

Your timesheet will default to the current week, but you can navigate to a different period using the arrows either side of the date range shown above your timesheet. 

Select the project you wish to record the time against from the dropdown menu to the left and then enter the hours worked on that project on the days required. 

If you worked on more than one project in the same week, you can add more rows to record this time. 

NB: DO NOT change the project selected in a row after time has been recorded. This will update all timesheet reports, replacing the recorded time with the newly selected project. If you need to add time against a new project in the same week, hit the add row button at the top of your timesheet and select the new project from the second dropdown menu. 

Add Time Using the Timer

If you wish to record the hours you work on a project in real time, you can do so using your timer. This is located at the top of your screen from any page in the Staff Squared system. 

To start recording your time, simply hit start timer. This will open a pop-up where you can select the project and enter any notes if required. The start time will pre-populate with the current time (or you can update this if need be). Hit start timer and you will notice that the timer at the top of your screen has turned orange, showing the total time worked so far. 

This timer will continue to run even if you sign out of your account. When you are ready to end the timer, simply log back into your account and hit stop at the top of your screen. This will update your timesheet accordingly, and you can view the entry in the timesheets tab on your profile. 

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