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How do I Approve or Reject an Expense Claim?

By default, admins and line managers* will receive notifications via their dashboard and to their email when a staff member submits an expense claim.

To approve or reject the claim, find the notification in your to-do list and click process.

The claim will open, allowing you to view any receipts and mileage being claimed for.

Approving an Expense Claim

If you are happy with the claim, check the approve option. This will expand the claim form to show a comment box, date and amount approved fields and an option to mark the expense as paid.

If you are approving the expense, but it has not been paid, click save. You or another expense approver for the employee can come back to the claim at a later time to mark it as paid.

NB: If you don't make an expense claim as paid upon approval, it will be moved to the approved section on the main expenses page. You will need to view the expense later to mark it as paid once payment has been processed.

If you have paid the expense at the time of approving the claim, check the payment made? box and complete the date paid field and add any comments accordingly.

Rejecting an Expense Claim

If you do not want to approve the claim, check the reject option, add a comment and set the date rejected. Then click save.

Viewing an Expense  

You can view an expense at any time by navigating to the expenses tab. Locate the expense you wish to open and click the + next to the employee's name to expand the information. Click view at the right side of the expense to open the claim form.

*Admins can set additional expense approvers if other users are responsible for processing expense claims. Read about how to do this here.

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