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What Can I see on my Dashboard?

Upon login, all users will be directed to their own dashboard. 

The main points of interest on this page are the to-do list and activity feed, which all users will be able to see. What you are shown on these tabs will depend on your level of access to the company account. 

To-Do List

The to-do list shows any notifications that require your attention and action. This might be to complete a self-certification form upon your return from sick leave or to confirm that you have read a document. 

Activity Feed

The activity feed displays a list of notifications that you should be aware of, for example, a company broadcast or an absence that has been booked on your behalf. 


If you are an admin user, you will also have access to the reports tab. This shows at-a-glance insights for your employees including headcount, employment status, department, office and location, as well as a full headcount report

Your Holiday Info

Your holiday info gives a breakdown of your own holiday allowance including allowance for the year, adjustments, used, requested and remaining. You can request a holiday from here, which will take you to the calendar. 

Who's Out?

Who's out? displays a list of all employees who are out of the office today. You will be able to see when they are due back, but not the reason for absence. 

Your Current Goals

Your current goals lists any active public or private goals you are assigned to. You can view these by clicking on the goal name or selecting show more to view a list of all goals. 

Company Links

A list of categorised URLs is shown here, allowing you to directly access commonly used external websites that you need to perform your job on the day-to-day, saving you the bother of bookmarking pages in your browser. You will only see links that are shared with you. 

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