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How do I Add a Goal?

Navigate to the Goals tab and select create a goal and select create goal to bring up the create a new goal pop-up.

Choose the goal visibility - public goals are visible to all users, while private goals are only accessible to the users who are assigned to it (this will also include admin users and line managers for the employees assigned to the goal). 

Step 1: Give the goal a name and description, and then select the email reminder frequency.

Step 2: Tick the checkbox if you would like to receive regular updates and select the staff you wish to assign the goal to. 

NB: Note that you can either set a group goal and assign multiple users to it, or assign one employee for a personal goal/target.

Step 3: Set tasks for your staff to complete in order to measure the goal, and assign a due date to each task. Finally, confirm your final goal due date.

Hit create to be taken to your newly created goal.

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