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How do I End a Staff Member's Employment or set a Contract End Date?

End Employment

If a staff member leaves your employment, you can deactivate their account without losing their data.

To do this, open the employee's profile and click on the cog icon in the top right corner of their profile header, then select end employment. This will bring up a new window with a three-step process for you to follow.

NB: Only admin users can end employment. 

Step 1 details the employment end date, termination type, termination reason and eligibility to rehire. 

NB: You can add a new termination type or reason by clicking on the cog next to each drop-down box.  

Step 2 details the working pattern of the employee. 

Step 3 details our recommended amount of holiday allowance owed to the employee or company.

By clicking the arrow next to 'how did we work this out?', you will see a breakdown of our calculations. 

NB: This is only a recommendation. We advise that you check this and make sure you agree with the calculation. If you believe this should be different, you can edit the amount in the holiday days owed to <name> box. 

If you select 'update <name>'s allowance to reflect holiday days owed to <name>?', you will notice that the confirmation button will change from end employment to end employment and update holiday allowance. 

Once you have done this, you will notice a notification appear centrally at the top of your screen confirming that staff member will be removed from your staff directory and no longer have access to their account once the end of employment date has passed.

Set a Contract End Date

If you hire contractors or other temporary staff, you will need to keep track of when their contract will be expiring.

Follow the above process to set a future employment end date and set up a reminder to let you know when someone's contract end date is coming up. Find out how to set reminders here

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