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How do I Create a New Working Pattern?

To create a working pattern, first navigate to your company settings. Open the working patterns tab and click + create a new pattern.

Give your new working pattern a name and then enter the working times. If you need to add varying start and end times to the same pattern, simply click add another time which will add a new row for you to populate. 

NB: An error message will appear if you already have a working pattern with the name you entered.

Decide whether you want to include breaks in these times by toggling include breaks? on or off. This will reflect in the total working hours per week shown in the top blue box.

Select whether employees who are assigned to this pattern should be given holiday in days or hours

NB: Please note that if your pattern does not have the same number of working hours every day, you will not have the choice to assign holiday in days. Patterns where the number of hours worked each day vary will always display holiday in hours. 

Once you have added this information, you can assign staff to the new pattern. This is not mandatory - you can save the new pattern and add your staff later if need be. 

NB: When assigning staff to a new working pattern, ensure that you back date it if necessary and that you tick the boxes to update any existing half or full day absences that will be affected by this change? and update the selected employee's holiday allowance and carryover to use the values from the new working pattern. This will ensure that any holiday bookings and allocations are accurate. 

When you are ready, click save working pattern.

NB: You cannot edit the days and times of a working pattern once staff have been assigned to it. Please check that you have entered the correct days and times before saving or assigning staff. 

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