How do I Submit an Expense?

If you want to submit an expense then firstly you need to go to your Profile page and click on the More tab and then Expenses

At the top of this page you will see the dates set by your Company of when the expenses must be submitted by and when they are estimated to be paid, according to the office expense cycle you configured. If you set your office expense cycle to be “ad hoc” then no submission or payment deadlines will be shown here.  Click on Submit expense

A new page will load and here you can add the details of the expense you have incurred. You will need to go through and complete all of the details of the expense and upload any receipts that you have.

You can click on the drop-down next to Expenses type and choose from the list that your Company has added. If the type is not there, you will need to ask your Admin to add an expense type on your behalf.

If you are adding mileage you will need to ensure that if you drove to and from the visit you check the box to Include return journey, or you will only be submitting an expense for one way.

If you have defined your company’s mileage rates for your staff in your expense types, and your staff member adds mileage using that expense type and then changes the amount per mile, when you go to view that expense you will see a notification letting you know that the amount has been overridden.

Once you have completed all of the information, just click on Submit and add another if you need to add another expense, ie subsistence or entertainment, or just click on Submit if you have completed your claim.

The person responsible for approving expenses will then receive a notification about your expense claim and will either approve the claim for payment or reject it. If it is approved or rejected you will receive a notification.  All of your expenses whether pending, approved, paid or rejected are listed on your Expenses tab on your Profile page

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