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What are Admins able to see and do in Staff Squared?

Admin permission is an access all areas pass*, as admin users are able to see all features included in Staff Squared HR.

* This is with the exception of files. File permissions are not reliant on admin status. Read more about who can see files and how to manage this here

They are able to do the following on behalf of any other user in the system:

  • Book holidays and custom absences.
  • Book remote working.
  • Record sickness.
  • Submit expense claims.
  • Set goals.
  • Import timesheets.
Other tasks available to admins include: 

  • Sending company broadcasts.
  • Ending/extending probation.
  • Onboarding and offboarding staff.
  • Managing all staff data.
  • Making adjustments to holiday allowance.
  • Approving absence and expense requests.
  • Uploading documents to user profiles and the Company Files page. 
  • Viewing ex-staff records.
  • Running reports on all staff.
  • Setting company objectives.
  • Managing clients and projects.
  • Managing jobs.
  • Managing the organisation chart.
General account management tasks available to admins include:

  • Managing company account settings, including staff and manager permissions. 
  • Managing admin permissions.
  • Managing all staff data.
  • Managing the company profile.
  • Setting up offices.
  • Managing expense settings.
  • Creating working patterns.
  • Setting holiday restrictions.
  • Setting custom absence types.
  • Managing billing preferences and access invoices.

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