Knowledge Base

  1. Billing 

    1. Where can I Find my Invoices?
    2. When Will I Receive my Invoice and How Long do I have to Pay?
    3. How Do I Change my Billing Email Address?
    4. How Do I Change the Billing Address on my Invoices?
    5. What Subscription Options are Available?
  2. Company Profile 

    1. What Can my Staff See on our Company Profile?
    2. Can I set up Multiple Offices?
    3. How Do I Assign my Staff to an Office?
  3. Company Settings 

    1. Who Has Access to Company Settings?
    2. Can I Disable Features that I don't use?
  4. Customer Referrals 

    1. What are Customer Referrals?
    2. How do I Refer a Friend to Staff Squared?
    3. How do I Turn Off Customer Referral Emails?
  5. Dashboard 

    1. What Can I see on my Dashboard?
    2. What Notifications will Appear on my Activity Feed?
    3. What Notifictions will Appear on my To-Do List?
    4. What Information is Shown in 'Your Holiday Info'?
    5. What Information can I see in the 'Who's Out?' Widget?
  6. Expenses 

    1. How do I set up Expenses?
    2. How do I Approve or Reject an Expense Claim?
    3. How do I Submit an Expense Claim?
    4. How do I Set Expense Reminders?
    5. How do I set my Expense Cycle and Currency?
  7. Files 

    1. How do I Add a File to a Staff Member's Profile?
    2. How do I Delete a File from a Staff Member's Profile?
    3. Who Can View and Upload Files to an Employee's Profile?
    4. How do I Add a New Company File?
    5. How do I Delete a Company File?
  8. Jobs 

    1. What is Jobs?
    2. How do I Give Staff Access to Jobs?
    3. How do I Add a New Job Vacancy?
    4. Can I Edit a Job Vacancy?
    5. Can I Duplicate an Existing Job Vacancy?
  9. Managing Login Details 

    1. Can I Change my Password?
    2. Can I Change my Email Address?
    3. What Happens if I Forget my Password?
    4. Can I Send a Reset Password Email to a Staff Member?
    5. Can I Change a Staff Member's Email Address?
  10. Onboarding and Offboarding 

    1. How do I End a Staff Member's Employment or set a Contract End Date?
    2. How do I Calculate What is Owed to a Staff Member or the Company when they Leave?
  11. Reminders 

    1. How do I set up my Daily 'Who's Out?' Email Reminders and Slack Notifications?
    2. How do I Set up my Week Ahead Email?
    3. How do I Set up Holiday Allowance Balance Emails?
    4. Can I Set Reminders for Important Events and Deadlines?
    5. Where do I Set my Company's Probation Period?
  12. Staff Squared Roadmap 

    1. What is the Staff Squared Roadmap?
    2. How do I Find the Staff Squared Roadmap?
    3. Can I Submit Suggestions for Future Development?
    4. Can I Vote for Other People's Suggestions?
    5. How Will I Know if you Implement my Suggestions?
  13. Taskbar 

    1. What Can I do from my Taskbar?
    2. How do I Send a Company Broadcast?
  14. Two-Factor Authentication 

    1. How do I Set up Two-Factor Authentication?
    2. Can I Bypass Two-Factor Login While it's Enabled?
    3. What Happens if I Get Locked Out of my Account?
    4. How do I Disable Two-Factor Authentication?
    5. Can I Make Two-Factor Authentication Mandatory for all Staff?
  15. Timesheets 

    1. How do I Manage Projects and Clients?
  16. Permissions 

    1. What are Admins able to see and do in Staff Squared?
    2. What are Managers able to see and do in Staff Squared?
    3. What can Staff Members see and do in Staff Squared?
    4. Who can see Staff Wall Posts?
    5. How do I make a Staff Member an Admin User?
  17. Calendar 

    1. How does the iCal Feed Link work?
  18. Working Patterns 

    1. How do I Create a Working Pattern?
    2. How do I assign Staff to a Working Pattern?
    3. How do I edit a Working Pattern?
    4. How do I set a Default Working Pattern?
    5. How do I Allow Staff to see each other’s Working Patterns?
  19. Goals and Objectives 

    1. How do Goals Work?
    2. How do I Edit or Delete a Goal?
    3. How do I Complete a Goal as a Manager or Admin User?
    4. How do I Complete a Goal as a Staff Member?
    5. How do I Filter Goals?
  20. Appraisals 

    1. How do I Schedule an Appraisal?
    2. How do I Edit an Appraisal?
    3. How do I Delete an Appraisal?
    4. How do I Add Notes and Files to an Appraisal?
    5. How can I view due Appraisals?
  21. All articles 

    1. What are Admins able to see and do in Staff Squared?
    2. How do Goals Work?
    3. Where can I Find my Invoices?
    4. How do I add Staff Squared as a Shortcut on my desktop? (Windows and Mac)
    5. How do I Create a Working Pattern?

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