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How do I set up Expenses?

Enabling Expenses

When you first open your Staff Squared account, expenses are enabled by default. However, if you would like to switch this feature off, you can do so in your company settings

If you have previously disabled expenses in your account, but would now like to start using the feature, you can turn it back on at any time by heading to the general tab in your company settings and ticking the expenses option under enable features on the general tab.

Managing Office Expense Settings

Expense settings apply to each office you set up. These can be set up in your company profile.  

Under company offices, add a new office (or edit an existing one) by clicking add new office. 

In the new window, enter your office details, then click next when ready. On the next page, you can define the expense settings for that office. 

Each office has its own unique expense settings. You can choose for them all to reflect your head office or set them up individually. 

Managing Mileage and Expense Types

Navigate to your company settings and open the expenses tab.  

Mileage Allowance

Scroll down to find mileage allowance and click add new mileage type. 

Give the mileage type a name, select the office/s it applies to and enter the rate per business mile. Click save when finished. 

Expense Types 

Scroll down to find expense types and click add new expense type.   

Give the expense type a name, select between the general or travel type (travel expenses are different to milage - these are for things like public transport) and, optionally, give the expense type a description.  Click save when finished. 


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