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How do I Calculate Accrued Holiday Allowance?

You can view an employee's accrued holiday allowance at any time. 

To do this, navigate to their profile (you can do this via the staff directory or using the search bar at the top of the page) and open the Holidays tab. 

Click on the 'see accrued allowance' and then select the working pattern type when the popup appears. 

A calculation of days owed to either the staff member of the company, depending on the date you entered, will appear at the bottom of the box.

To see how this was calculated, click the arrow next to 'how did we work this out?'

A new section will appear detailing the calculation of the accrued holiday.

NB: This is purely for your information. These figures do not directly affect the employee's allowance.

If you would like to calculate accrued holiday for yourself, check out our holiday calculator

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