How do I Add a File to a Staff Member's Profile?

Navigate to your Staff tab and locate the staff member you would like to add a file for.

NB: Alternatively, you can type their name in the search bar at the top of your screen. 

Once you are on the staff member's profile, navigate to their Files tab.

Here, you will find all the files uploaded to the staff member's profile. 

Click Upload to add a new file.

This will prompt a new dialog box to appear which will allow you to select a file to upload.  

Here you have three options:

  • Drag files from your PC's file explorer
  • Upload from your computer
  • Upload from Google Drive

Dragging Files from your PC

To drag files into the uploader, open your PCs file explorer and drag the file over to Staff Squared.

 NB: You can select multiple files to drag using Shift + click.

Uploading from your PC

To upload files from your PC, choose Computer from the dropdown.


This will open a file explorer where you can select the files to upload

Uploading from Google Drive

To upload files from your Google Drive account, choose Google Drive from the dropdown

This will generate a pop-up window where you can log into Google and select the required files.

NB: If your browser blocks the pop-up, you'll see an icon in your address bar which you can click to allow pop-ups from Staff Squared.

Adding Files to a Folder

From the Add to a folder? dropdown, you can select a folder to add the file(s) to if necessary.

Setting an Expiry Date for the File

Ticking the This file expires checkbox allows you to choose a date when the file will no longer be relevant. This is useful for things like employee contracts that have a set end date.

NB: You can see how you manage your file expiry notifications here.

Sharing the Files

You can share the file(s) you're uploading with employees by clicking the Share with staff or groups toggle

This will allow you to select who you would like to share the file(s) with.

NB: By default, the file will be shared with yourself as the uploader. You're able to remove this, but this will mean that you will no longer have access to the file.

Once you have completed all required settings, click Upload.

The file will then appear in your company files list.

Deleting Files

To delete an individual file, hover over the file you wish to share and click on the green cog icon to the far right of the screen. Clicking Delete will prompt a new dialog box to appear.

You can then confirm the file deletion.

To delete multiple files, check the boxes against the files you wish to delete and click the bin icon to the top right of the page.

  You can then confirm the file deletion as above.

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