How do I Assign Goals to an Objective?

Goals can work very well to help you achieve a company objective

To assign a goal to an objective, first navigate to your Goals tab.

Click Create a goal

Upon selecting to add a new goal, a new dialog box will appear. This dialog contains three steps.

Step 1 - Here you can choose the Visibility of the goal (either Public or Private), enter the Name and Description of the goal, assign it to a Company objective and set the Email reminder frequency.

NB: The objective must already exist in order to assign a goal to it.

Step 2 - This allows you to select the Contributors of the goal. Select the individual staff members you want to assign to the new goal or choose Everyone. Make sure you tick I want to follow this goal do I receive regular updates if you wish to get notifications.

NB: If you have chosen for the goal to be public, anyone can view and join in, they don't have to be explicitly invited.

Step 3 - Here you can create tasks that need to be completed to achieve the new goal. You can create as many of these as needed, each with their own Description and Due Date (if required).  

You can then set the Final goal due date, and click Create to finalise the goal.

The next time you view your Company objectives, you will notice that there is now a goal assigned to it. 

Assigning Pre-Existing Goals to an Objective

Alternatively, you can assign a pre-existing goal to an objective by clicking into the goal and clicking Edit goal details.

This will prompt a new dialog box to appear which will allow you to add the goal to a company objective. 

The next time you view your Company objectives, you will notice that there is now a goal assigned to it.   


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