How do I set my Company's Holiday Year?

To set your company's holiday year period, first navigate to your Company settings.

Click into your Holidays tab

You will then be able to set your Holiday year start date by clicking into the date selector. Setting this will automatically update your Holiday year end date.

At the end of your holiday year, this will automatically reset to the next year so you do not have to reset it manually at the start of each holiday year.  

Setting Holiday Booking Times

When setting your holiday year, you can decide How holidays can be booked. This can be set as either By set times or in Full or half days only. If you choose 'By set times', your staff will be able to request holiday in full days, half days or by using set times during the working day. 

If you choose 'Full or half days only', you'll then be presented with an extra field that will allow you to choose the date from which you want to start restricting the bookings.

Blocking Holiday Requests

If you do not want your staff to be able to request holiday once they have reached their holiday allowance limit, tick Block holiday requests that exceed holiday allowance.

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