How do I Create a Client or Project?

To create a client or project, first head to Clients and Projects.


Click + add a new project. 

Doing so will bring you to a new screen. 

In order to create a new project, you must first ensure that the client it will belong to exists. 

You can select pre-existing clients from the dropdown menu or, if the client has not yet been created, you can add it by clicking on the green cog icon as shown below. 

Here, you will be able to edit pre-existing clients by amending their names or, if you no longer need them, archiving them.

To create a new client, click add client +. This will generate a new row where you can enter the client name. 

Click save.

You can then select the new client from the dropdown menu

You then simply need to enter the project name and click save and return. Alternatively, click save and add another if you want to create more than one. 

You will be taken back to the clients and projects page where you will be able to see your new entry in the list of active clients and projects. 

Once a project has been created, you will not have to add it again. It will appear in the choose a project dropdown menu in your timesheet where you can then select it to record time. 

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