How Do I Enable Two-Factor Authentication?

To enable 2FA in your account, click on your name in the top right corner of the screen. Select enable two-factor authentication.

You will need to download an authenticator app to their phone if you do not already have one (i.e. Google Authenticator) and scan the code that will appear on the screen. 

Click continue. You will be taken to another page which will ask for a six-digit verification code. This will be provided by your authentication app once the QR code above has been scanned. 

Click continue. You will then be asked to provide a new six-digit code each time you log in.

Admins can view who has 2FA set up by navigating to the Staff Admin area of the Company Settings. Each user with 2FA enabled will have the following icon displayed next to their name: 

This will also be shown on their profile. 

NB: 2FA will need to be set up per employee. 

NB: Clicking 'remember me' when you log in will allow you to access your account without an authentication code for 30 days. 

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