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What Reports can I Run to Export Staff Data?

Our full list of reports are available to view and download here.

If you are looking to export all data for a specific employee(s), the Subject Access Report will allow you to pull all data entered to the staff profile including any files uploaded to the profile Files tab for each user it is run for. When you run this report for 'everyone', all active and ex-staff members are included in the report.

Other useful report to run are:
  • Holiday Detail Report - A list of all holiday requests for each member of staff.
  • Holiday Overview - Holiday balances for each member of staff, covering allowance, bank holidays, earned for pro-rata, used, adjustments and remaining.
  • Custom Absence Type Report - A list of the total amount of absence for each employee per custom absence type.
  • Sick Leave Detail - A list of all sick leave instances for each member of staff.
  • Staff Service Report - Details of service for all members of staff, including length of service and key dates. 

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