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Can I Set Recurring Custom Absences?

Custom absence types that do not deduct from holiday allowance can be booked on a recurring basis.

To create a recurring absence, open your calendar and click + add new as you would for a normal absence booking. Select custom absence at the top of the booking form. 

From here, select the absence type you wish to enter using the what dropdown menu. Enter the dates/times for the absence and add any notes to the booking if required. 

Once you have entered the information for the initial date in the recurrence, expand the dropdown menu at the bottom of the form (this will be pre-populated as doesn't repeat). You then have the choice to select one of the default recurrence options:
  • Daily
  • Weekly on the day you have entered the (first day of) absence in on.
  • Monthly on the date you have entered the (first day of) absence in on.
  • Annualy on the date you have entered the (first dat of) absence in on. 
  • Every weekday (Monday to Friday)

Alternatively, you can select custom... from the menu which will exand the booking form to show more recurrence options. You can then determine how often the absence should recur based on a specific number of days, weeks, months or years as well as when the recurrence should end.

Once you have set the desired parameters of the recurrence, you can then save the booking by hitting create absence at the bottom of the booking form. 

NB: Note that recurring absences are a mirror of the original booking and, therefore, any instances that follow the initial date in the sequence will take you to the first date when you click to expand them. If you need to make an amendment to a recurring absence, click here for more inforamation. 

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