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How do I Book a Custom Absence?

To book a custom absence, open your company calendar and click on any day in the calendar itself or add new above the calendar. 

A booking form will appear with your name pre-populated. Select the custom absence type you wish to book from the dropdown menu, the type of booking (either full day, half day or set times*) and the start and end dates for the period you wish to request. 

When you are ready, request absence. Your request will then be sent to your holiday approver to process and you will receive a notification once this has been done to let you know whether it has been approved. 

It is also possible to request a custom absence via your profile. To do this, go to your profile and open the holiday tab - then click request a holiday (you can also find this button under your holiday info to the right side of your profile). This will take you through to the company calendar and open the booking form.

*If the option to request a custom absence in set times is unavailable, this option has been disabled by and account administrator. More on how to enable set time bookings can be found here

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