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How do I Add the New Bank Holiday for the Queen's State Funeral?

As you will know, a National Bank Holiday has been announce on Monday 19th September for the State Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

This Bank Holiday will not be added to your Staff Squared calendar automatically, so we have put together a simple guide to help you.

You can add the new Bank Holiday in one of two ways:

First, navigate to the Bank Holidays tab in your Company Settings.

Add a New Bank Holiday

To add a new individual bank holiday, click 'add bank holiday'

From here, enter the bank holiday name and date, then select 'specific countries'. 

This will bring up a country selector which will allow you to assign the bank holiday to the United Kingdom.

You can also choose whether the bank holiday should deduct from holiday allowance from here.

Import Bank Holidays

You may wish to import the full year's bank holidays for the UK again in order to add the newly announced bank holiday.

NB: We only suggest doing this if you only have UK bank holidays imported. 

To do this, click 'delete all' and then confirm that you wish to delete all bank holidays in the selected holiday year.

Next, click 'import your country's bank holidays'. From here, enter 'United Kingdom' into the text field, select the result and click 'add'.

All bank holidays for 2022 will then be added to your Bank Holidays tab. When you scroll down, you will see that the new bank holiday has now been imported along with the rest of this year's bank holidays. 

If your bank holidays should deduct from holiday allowance, you will need to go through each date and hit 'edit', and then tick the box to confirm that each bank holiday should deduct from holiday allowance. 

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