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Can I add Manual Adjustments to Holiday Allowances?

You can apply a manual adjustment to an employee's holiday allowance at any time throughout the year. This will add or remove time from their remaining allowance without affecting their basic annual entitlement. 

To do this, go to the employee's profile and open the holidays tab. From here, click manual adjustments to bring up a new pop-up.

Enter the value of the adjustment into the duration field. To add time, just enter a number (e.g. to add one day, just enter '1'). To deduct time, include a hyphen at the start of the number (e.g. to remove 1 day, enter '-1').

 Managers can make adjustments to holiday for their staff while Admins can make adjustments for all staff.

NB: Please note that adjustments are temporary, and will be cleared when your holiday year renews. If you want to change a staff member's basic holiday allowance, please go to this article.

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