Holiday Stats Overview

If you go into a staff member's Profile, on the right-hand side of the page you will see their holiday stats.  This is an overview of what the numbers mean:

Allowance: 28 days - This is the amount of days per year holiday allowance that staff member is allocated 

Adjustments: 5 days - is the amount of holiday that has been added to or deleted from the staff member's allowance for that year by using the Edit feature, or which has been carried over from the previous holiday year (if your company allows this in the Company Settings)

Used: 0 days - is the amount of holiday the staff member has already booked for the current holiday year

Pending: 2 days - is the amount of holiday that you have booked but has not yet been approved/rejected, so has not been deducted from your annual allowance

Remaining: 33 days - is the amount the staff member has left unused for the rest of the holiday year

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