How do I assign Staff to a Working Pattern?

To allocate the working pattern to staff members you need to click on Assign on the new working pattern you have created which will appear in the list of working patterns

A new dialog box will appear where you can choose the members of staff you wish to assign the working pattern to.  Once you have added all the staff members, click on Assign.  It will then tell you how many employees are assigned to that working pattern.

Now if you go to that staff member's profile and click on More and then on their working patterns tab

you will see their new working pattern

Please note: Existing working patterns for selected employees will not be removed, you must do this manually by clicking on past working patterns and deleting each oneIf your employee has changed their working pattern part way through the year and has already taken holiday using their old working pattern, then do not delete the old pattern as this will affect their holiday allowance

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